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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Donald Trump and Charley Sheen

I’m wondering why I have a hard time hating Donald Trump. He’s such an obvious huckster it should be easy. But it’s not unlike my inability to be as disgusted with Charley Sheen as I am supposed to be. Why? Because they are both funny.

Besides funny, Trump and Sheen have little use for political correctness and—horror of horrors—actually say what they think. Trump recently called New York Times columnist Gail Collins a “no-good hack” with the “face of a dog.” Sheen told his ex-wife he was going to cut off her head, put it in a box and send it to her mother. My ex-mother-in-law, who I both loved and hated, came to mind and I had to chuckle.

For literal-minded people and the sensationalist and politically correct media, these caricatured thoughts caused a firestorm of outrage. Well, let them vote for Mitt Romney who would never say such things and be bored to death with his platitudes.